Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The Facebook Interview

At October’s inc. service we interviewed three people about their experiences of Christian youth ministry. Here Catharine Currell re-lives part of those interviews with Rachel Boyd (student at Hardyes) and Daniel Newman (Curate at St John’s) via Facebook. 
First, it's Rachel's turn...

:Catharine: Hi Rachel, tell us what sorts of youth ministry you are involved in.
Rachel: Every Thursday I go to a homegroup with other people aged 14 to 18. We do a bible study, eat popcorn and have fun! I also sometimes go to Christian union at school too... and Serenity.
Catharine: Apart from official ‘youth leaders’ which people have had the most Christian influence on your life?
Rachel: My parents played a big part by raising me in a Christian family and encouraging me to come to church. Also a few years ago I attended a Christians in Sport camp, and a lot of the people there helped me to confirm my faith.
Catharine: What is it like being a Christian at school?
Rachel: In my experience my peers have been really accepting of my religion, and I haven't had any trouble at all! I believe that being a Christian has helped me a lot in school, especially through stressful situations!
Catharine: In what ways have you been involved in passing on the gospel to the next generation?
Rachel: I help out with the Trailblazers/Allstars group at church (I don't know which it is!). Also I've led groups at children's holiday clubs which has been hard work but great fun!
Catharine: That's brilliant! Thank you
Rachel: No problem!

And now Daniel...
Catharine: Hello Daniel. What sort of Christian youth work were you involved in as a teenager?
Daniel: I attended a Youth Alpha course which grew into a young people's home group. This was quite simple - Bible study and prayer over tea and biscuits - but it was really important in helping me to think through what it meant to live as a Christian.
Catharine: Were there any other people who had a significant Christian influence on you?
Daniel: I didn't grow up in a Christian family, but my best friend at school was a Christian. It was through him that I started going to church. His dad ran the home group for young people. I'm really grateful for the way they welcomed me into their home and that I could experience Christian family through them.
Catharine: What was it like for you being a Christian at school?
Daniel: We had a Christian Union at school, which met for Bible study, prayer and fellowship, so it was good to know that there were other Christians around. No one really gave me any trouble for being a Christian, and the teachers were quite supportive.
Catharine: In what ways have you been involved in passing on the gospel to the next generation?
Daniel:  At university, I helped to lead my college Christian Union and a student Bible study group at church, so I was involved in sharing the good news of Christ with groups of students when they came to university. I've also helped out on holiday clubs. As a father, I'm looking forward to the joys and challenges of bringing up my two sons (with a third on the way) in the faith. Since being ordained in the summer, I now have the privilege of passing on the gospel to the next generation full-time!

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  1. Sorry about the picture Rachel. Your Facebook one was too small...and you look soooooo lovely in this one!