Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The Big Picture

Who came first? Noah or Moses? David or Daniel? Does it matter? Well...yes! At the youth homegroups this term we are trying to get an overview of the whole story of the bible, not because we want to show how clever we are but because we want to understand God’s big plan for the world and how we fit into it. So far our discoveries include: How Adam and Eve show us what it means to be human and why we need God’s help,  how God’s promise to Abraham over 4000 years ago was also a promise for us and that the Old Testament prophets can help us understand what Jesus has done for us. 

In the pictures above and below you can see some of the 'art' we have created week by week to illustrate the themes of a) God's loving rule over his creation, b) God's promises to Abraham of people, place and blessing and c) King David modelling (get it?) God's perfect Kingdom
Both age groups have a regular core of about five members at the moment so there is plenty of room for any others who might like to join us.

Tuesday Homegroup is for 11-14s (School years 7-9) and meets at 7pm
Thursday Homegroup is for 14s – 18s (School years 10-13) and meets at 7.30pm
Both meet at 45 Avenue Road
See the 'What's on' tab for our latest programme

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