Tuesday, 19 November 2013


Hi from St Aldhelm’s Pathmakers. Catharine asked for a picture of us which unfortunately we don't have, but be assured we are a very handsome bunch! 
There are usually about 8 of us on a Sunday morning though we are 14 all together. We still have the same old 5 leaders though we are trying out a new one on Sunday 24th. Hopefully we won't scare her off! We did a meal for the church family 2 weeks ago to raise money for Tom's trip to Tibet in July. We managed not to poison anyone and raised over £300! We're off to splashdown together in a couple of weeks. Not sure if we'll get any of the leaders down the slides (Jackie is famous for having climbed back out of one once she saw the drop!)

We do sometimes study the bible too! We've been going through Matthew taking a look at the parables and now we're looking at justice and freedom using the examples in Exodus to inspire us. If you know anyone of secondary school age, do invite them to join us. We're friendly as well as handsome!

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