Monday, 23 December 2013

Good News TV!

What would Jeremy Paxman ask Joseph? Would Kirsty Wark catch the wise men out with her difficult questions? In preparation for Christmas, the young people from St John's Church looked at some of the bible passages about Jesus birth and thought about what they would ask the people who who were there seeing it all first hand. These questions were developed into the script for 'Good News TV': a retelling of the nativity story. The presentation included some video clips showing on-the-spot reports and some background images created by all the different age groups.  In the presentation we heard from Joseph about his royal connections and his surprise at becoming dad to the King of Kings. Then we heard from Mary how strange it was that her little baby boy was also her Saviour. Some of the younger children showed us the enthusiasm of the shepherds and their excitement at getting to meet the Messiah. Another group showed us the how the wise men discovered a child who was more than a king and responded to him in worship. We also interviewed someone from today to see what relevance Jesus birth still has for us. Sometimes, as we tell the story of the nativity each year it somehow becomes more and more like a fairy story. We add tinsel and cuteness and inkeepers and donkeys in an effort to make sure everyone has a part but the danger is it can become less and less real to us. But what the young people got across in their 'Good News TV' presentation is that Jesus is good news for us today. He is still King and Saviour. He can be our Messiah and our Lord. Are we going to respond to him in worship this Christmas?

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