Sunday, 23 March 2014

It's a wrap!

The filming portion of the youth video project is last! It took several weeks longer than we planned and involved a lot more gaffer tape and barbecue skewers that you might imagine but the footage is finally ‘in the can’. Now we’ve just got to edit it all! Some of the outer-space scenes were filmed on a green screen, set up in St Aldhelm’s church centre. Assistant editors William and Matt have helped transform some of those scenes into truly intergalactic experiences (see the clip below).  The crew of the starship ‘Destiny’ are currently in Catharine’s computer, having their voice recordings matched with their puppet performances. They will be launching off on their adventures in time for the children’s holiday club at Emmanuel church during the Easter break. It might not sound as if it has much to do with the Easter story but actually Captain Adamson and his crew will be illustrating some really big ideas like sin, salvation, forgiveness and eternity!

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