Monday, 11 November 2013

Bin Men


This year has been rubbish! Well...rubbish themed anyway! We used the ‘Scrap Happy’ material as the basis for holiday clubs and days at Emmanuel, St Aldhelm’s and St John’s and to run along side that some of the young people took part in filming a miniseries called ‘Bin Men’. This is a series of five episodes which follow the story of a group of waste disposal operatives and their struggles with an unreasonable boss, unfair saboteurs and bags and bags of rubbish! Beneath the surface is a hidden story about redemption and rescue. It was filmed over three sessions on location around Weymouth and involved young people from several of our churches. You can watch Bin Men now on YouTube using the links below. If you enjoy watching, give us a ‘like’ or a comment and pass it on to your friends.

Bin Men Episode 1 - 'On the Scrapheap'

Bin Men Episode 2 - 'Treated like Dirt'

Bin Men Episode 3 - 'Recycled'

Bin Men Episode 4 - 'A Load of Rubbish'

Bin Men Episode 5 - 'Scrap Happy!'

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